2011/12/13 FOALS

all by our outstanding young stallion, Glenmuir Lochaber

2013 FOALS
Filly Foal - Misty II x Lochaber
Filly Foal - Myleene x Lochaber
2012 FOALS

This year we are very fortunate to have four filly foals and one colt.  I dont know if any are going to be outstanding as yet, but I can definitely say there is not a bad one.  Here are some pictures ,you can make your own mind up!

Filly - Myra x Lochaber

Filly - Mhairi x Lochaber

Colt - Misty II x Lochaber
Filly - Maggie x Lochaber
Filly - Meika x Lochaber
2011 FOALS 
Mozart of MIllfield - Colt - Morning Mist x Lochaber
Monika of Millfield - Filly - Misty II x Lochaber
Mirren of Millfield - Filly - Mhairi x Lochaber

Memphis of Millfield - Colt - Maggie May of Millfield x Lochaber